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Pure for Her

Stay clean. Stay ready.

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Pure for Her is the same effective formula found in Pure for Men but with smaller capsules and aloe. This premium fiber & proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients keeps you feeling light—and your runway clear for landing!

Other benefits associated with this product include: vegan-friendly, weight loss, lower-cholesterol, and hangover prevention. See ‘Benefits’ section for more information.

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How It Works

Take twice daily.

2-3 capsules taken every day, in the AM and PM

Drink water.

Consuming at least 16 oz of water daily

Rinse Off.

A quick shower to keep you feeling fresh and ready

Enjoy play-time.

Feel clean and confident all day


Additional Benefits


Take PFM’s premium fiber about 30 minutes before meals—it will expand in your stomach and provide you a "full" feeling. This effect aids in eating smaller meals and, thus, shedding unwanted pounds!

Heart Health

Research shows that soluble fiber can help lower cholesterol levels. Moreover, numerous studies have also shown, both, soluble and insoluble fibers help lower the risk of heart disease.

Hangover Preventative

The absorptive qualities of PFM's soluble fiber work well to counteract the hangover effect of alcohol. Fiber "soaks up" excess alcohol, which helps to prevent nasty morning hangovers!

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Pure for Men Pure for Her Review

Y’all- I’m very impressed. I highly suggest this product. First off, excellent customer service! It only took a few days to “kick in” after taking it. I’ve already noticed a big difference! Way less bloating! When you go to do the doooo, you feel a big difference on how it all comes out and the amount is more that normal. I feel empty afterwords (hello skinnnnnnyyyyy) This is a high quality product that’s worth every penny!

Pure for Men Pure for Her ReviewPure for Men Pure for Her Review
Jaiden M.

This product is amazing! It does everything it’s supposed to and the only way it’s not gonna work is due to human error! :)

Pure for Men Pure for Her Review
Domenica R.

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a video that showed how Pure for Men worked. I thought that it was a great idea and that it shouldn't be exclusively for men - as it would be really useful for me too. So I visited the website and saw that "Pure for her" was coming soon. I tried it as soon as I could when it came out. It was exactly what I needed, exactly what I expected, and it made my intimate life better. It's truly amazing that someone had the idea of doing a product targeting exactly what is needed for prep. Look up the ingredients, and you'll see they're just perfect - and the aloe vera on Pure for Her is the cherry on top :). I also love that it's a 100% vegan, since animal products are turning out to be harmful to our health. I'm so happy to have found this! And plus, apparently now shipping to the EU will be better. Women deserve pleasure too :) Women deserve to be ready too. Thanks Pure !!

Pure for Men Pure for Her Review

I am almost a month of using Pure for Her and I can say the effectiveness of the product is so quick. Taking 2 capsules before bedtime and as I wake up in the morning as I get ready for the day I know that all the toxins and dirt ofnmy body are just one-flash-away. This product helps me to maintain my weight and my body into good shape. It is effective and highly recommendable. Xx

Pure for Men Pure for Her Review