Necessities to Help You Stay Ready

Limited Time

Stay Healthy Bundle

Healthy looks good on you. Our Stay Healthy Bundle makes is easy to prioritize your health and from the inside out. 

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Limited Time

Face Mask

The Stay Ready Mask is a high-quality face-covering stitched with a blend of cotton and linen fabrics to provide you multi-layered protection while social distancing.  

*Available in US only.

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Travel Bag

Our limited edition travel bag is specifically designed to help you #STAYREADY on the go.

*Available in US only. 

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Hand Sanitizer 3-Pack

This proven formula contains 62% alcohol content and features a clean and uplifting scent to keep your hands germ-free.

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Stay Ready Candle

Strike the mood with the subtle, sweet scent of fresh bergamot and dark oak. Calm yet uplifting - hints of bourbon and smoked wood balance out this enchanting playtime aroma.

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Stay Ready Backpack

Show them you stay ready with our, limited edition, #STAYREADY Backpack from Pure for Men. 

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