Healthy You Bundle

Healthy You Bundle
Healthy You Bundle
Healthy You Bundle

Healthy You Bundle

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Healthy looks good on you! Our limited-edition bundle is meant to bring you full body balance for the new year. The combination of our proprietary blended Stay Ready Fiber and Multi help provide support through the digestive process while supplying you with vital vitamins and minerals.

Stay Ready Fiber 120 count - Our proprietary fiber blend supports healthy digestion with consistent regulatory and bulk while making prep time quick and easy. 

Multi 120 count - A powerful vitamin and mineral blend that helps to restore and maintain energy levels through balanced nutrition. Our vegan blend is free of wheat, dairy, artificial colors, and sweeteners.

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The Pure For Men Difference

The Pure For Men Difference


We suggest taking the Stay ready Fiber 2-3 capsules twice daily with 16oz of water or more. We suggest taking the Multi tablets in the evening before or after meals with at least 16 oz of water. Lastly, we suggest taking the Fiber and Multi at least 3 hours apart.

Our proprietary fiber blend and digestive cleanse are like no other. This duo helps to support the digestive process by cleansing your digestive tract, combat bloating, and remove excess waste.

  • Stay Ready Fiber - 40 servings
  • Reset - 10 to 15 servings

What's Inside

Vitamin C Ingredient Thumbnail
Vitamin C

Efficient daily intake of vitamin C is important for a strong immune system.

Essential Minerals Ingredient Thumbnail
Essential Minerals

Calcium and Magnesium are major, essential minerals often lacking in most diets.

Vitamin D Ingredient Thumbnail
Vitamin D

Great for your skin as well as maintaining strong, healthy bones.

Psyllium Husk Ingredient Thumbnail
Psyllium Husk

Psyllium husk can help strengthen heart muscle and support a healthy digestive system.

Aloe Vera Ingredient Thumbnail
Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera as a digestive aid reduces inflammation in the gut and soothes the elimination process.

From our customers


Wonderful! All the products worked great!

- Alex H.

Absolutely loving all the products!

- Steven F.

I use Stay Ready Scrub and Cream every day and I am confident that I am ready for action.

- Tim S.
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