Daily Psyllium Fiber

Daily Psyllium Fiber
Daily Psyllium Fiber
Daily Psyllium Fiber
Daily Psyllium Fiber

Daily Psyllium Fiber

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Say goodbye to sluggish digestion, bowel issues, and uncomfortable constipation. Our Psyllium Fiber is your go-to, quick-fix solution for supercharging your digestive health.

Packed with the goodness of one simple ingredient – Psyllium Husk – this natural powerhouse makes maintaining regularity a breeze. Each serving packs a punch at 2,175 mg, offering 50% more fiber than those other guys.

Say hello to a happier, healthier gut and say farewell to those digestive woes. Stay regular.


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psyllium husk

Premium fiber you can count on


Psyllium is a natural, soluble dietary fiber derived from the seeds of the Plantago Ovata plant. It's commonly used as a dietary supplement to aid in digestion regulation.

For promoting better digestive health, we recommend taking 2 - 5 capsules up to 3 times daily.

A serving of Daily Psyllium consists of 5 capsules. We advise swallowing each capsule individually, preferably in an upright position, to effectively increase your daily fiber intake.

Our Daily Psyllium fiber capsules stand out for their ability to nurture the gut microbiome, support gut health, bolster immune function, enhance vitamin and mineral absorption, boost energy levels, and facilitate comfortable bowel movements. Importantly, when taken consistently, our psyllium husk capsules help maintain regularity and address occasional constipation.

From our customers


After the first two doses and then showering I felt clean, both internally and externally. What a confidence boost for play time!

- Peter V.

Before buying this miracle product, I had to constantly douche. I can now be ready in less than 20 minutes and I #STAYREADY to enjoy male company.

- Bryan G.

It has changed mine and my partner's lives. I can now go about my days (and nights) with the utmost confidence.

- Neil D.
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