It is something almost every gay man has or had at one point…a dating app. Whether you’re using Grindr or other apps, designing an online profile is a must. No matter your intention for using dating apps, it can daunting to find the right words or photos to describe yourself but you can make it easy. Think of your profile as more of an icebreaker and less like a job interview. It is essential to take the time to focus on a few areas that matter most to you and tell them what you want. Looking for specific values, like consistency and creativity? Write it out. Because of all the downtime that comes with social distancing, you have plenty of time to give your profile the upgrade it deserves, here’s how. 
Health has always been our top priority…but we’re going stir crazy too. The White House has left the decision to reopen to states, many of which allowed businesses to open their doors over the last few days. Not fully understanding how the virus works made things confusing and stressful during the pandemic and we hope these guidelines help you to navigate the world outside your home, should you choose to venture out now. 
Oscar from Texas writes: So I have been quarantined for more than 30 days and I’m starting to go a little crazy. I know there is no right answer, but when do you think it is safe to start having sex again? I can’t wait much longer!
Kyle from Kansas writes: “I just broke up with my ex about two weeks ago. We are trying to give each other distance, but I can’t help but cyber-stalk his social media counts. Should I unfollow?”
It’s weird to say, but now’s the time to masturbate your damn face off. With the pandemic in full swing, we have more time on our hands than ever before. We also can’t (or rather, shouldn’t) be meeting up with DomTopDaddy87 on dating apps for an anon pounding. (Don’t worry, the time will come up again, and lord knows DomTopDaddy87 is literally always looking on every gay hookup app in existence.) 

Pride is Still A Protest

September 01, 2020

Let’s face it, there is nothing that feels normal about 2020, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. From navigating a public health crisis to fighting to dismantle the systemic racism and violence that the Black community is subjected to by law enforcement, this uncomfortable place will ultimately make us a better people, however painful that may be. So, now that it’s Pride month, you may be rethinking how you are going to celebrate during a time where so much more needs to be done.

How to Become a Plant Daddy 101

September 01, 2020

At Pure for Men, we thrive on being a plant powered brand that believes in an all-natural and holistic approach to life. Now we thought we would take our passion for plants from our products to your living room and unless you live under a rock, you know houseplants have been having a huge moment over the past few years that seems to just continue gaining momentum. Curious about how to get started? Read on for a nearly foolproof guide to populate your place with plants and watch them thrive. 
Austin, Texas – July 1, 2020 – Men’s Health and wellness company, Pure for Men, joins other Facebook advertisers to pause paid advertisements for the month of July in response to Facebook’s allowing of racist and violent content to run on its platform, despite demand for change. As a company driven by its values and beliefs, Pure for Men has a responsibility to use its voice and take action when witnessing major issues that impact its employees and community.
Tommy from Tampa writes, “I’ll be blunt. Do you guys always douche when you bottom? When I was younger, I never did because I didn’t know it was a thing. However, now I feel so insecure unless I have twenty minutes in my shower. My boyfriend is all about spontaneous sex and I feel like I am killing the moment. How do y’all approach sex on the fly without douching?
Let’s face it… dating can be the worst! With all of the unmet expectations, awkward and sometimes awful sexual interactions, and the inevitable letdowns, it is a wonder why we put ourselves through it at all! Except for… well, it is also sort of the best at the same time. 
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