Premium Fiber & Cleanliness Supplement Powder

Fiber Powder

Earn 174 points

Regulate your system, not your playtime.

Premium Fiber & Cleanliness Supplement Powder

Fiber Powder

Earn 174 points

Regulate your system, not your playtime.

23 reviews

Confidently bottom anytime with the powder version of our plant-based, daily fiber supplement that will help you feel less bloated, and change how you approach your sex life.

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No one was addressing digestive health when it comes to the gay male experience, so we did!

Morning and night: Take 3 capsules with 16 oz. of water. Enjoy the results. It is not recommended to take this product within 2-3 hours before or after the intake of any medication or dietary supplements.

Your New Routine

Take Twice Daily

Morning and night, take 1 scoop with water or a shake.

Stay Hydrated

Aim to mix Stay Ready with 16oz of liquid.

Rinse Off

When it’s playtime, take a quick shower to feel fresh and ready.

Enjoy Play-time.

Feel clean and confident all day.

Our Proprietary Vegan Blend

Why Take Daily Fiber?

Easy Prep Time

Get it out to get it in! When your time on the toilet is easy, smooth and clean, it's quick and effortless to get ready for playtime- and you won't feel bloated. There's confidence in that. 

Prevents Hangover

The absorptive qualities of PFM's soluble fiber work well to counteract the hangover effect of alcohol. Fiber "soaks up" excess alcohol, which helps to prevent nasty morning hangovers!

Weight Management

Trying to eat a little less? Take Pure for Men's premium fiber about 30 minutes before meals- it will expand in your stomach and provide you with a "full" feeling. This effect aids in eating smaller meals, and thus, shedding unwanted pounds!

Heart Health

Protect your heart! Research shows that soluble fiber can help lower cholesterol levels. Moreover, numerous studies have also shown both soluble and insoluble fibers help lower the risk of heart disease. 

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Jacob T.
United States
Amazing Product

My favorite source of fiber… works throughout the day and does not disappoint

Joseph M.
United States United States
all natural

Good so far only been about. a week. I spent a lot of time researching fiber. It is very hard to find a all natural fiber supplement with no added chemicals like aspartame.

Jesse V.
United States United States
Fiber Powder

Powder is okay! Prefer the pills!

Donald N.
United States United States
Great for daily use

It mixes pretty well with fruit drinks, especially ones that already have pulp. It's also good in Greek yogurt, pancake batter, and protein shakes. Make sure you have an adequate amount of liquid or food to take it with or you might end up with one semi-gelatinous clump.

Alex C.

I started taking it about a week and a half ago, and after the first few days, my poos were perfect. No muss no fuss, saving a ton on toilet paper, and feeling like a well-oiled machine. I haven't stuck anything up my butt since I started taking it but I'm ready to go.

Pure for Men Fiber Powder Review