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Pure For Men Coconut Lube


If you’ve noticed that our Coconut-Based Lube is solid, do not fear, the Lube is still in perfect condition.  Due to the natural properties of coconut oil,  it is normal for the lubricant to crystalize when it is stored in colder temperatures. Please see below for tips on how to liquefy your lube, if it turns solid:

1: Store your lube in a warm spot. We suggest keeping the lube at room temperature.  That means in your shower, next to your bed, or any other warm area in your home.

2Use your hand. If you need to use it right away, give it a little squeeze before you start playing with yourself (or your partner). The warmth from your hand will help soften any grittiness that might be left after storing it in a cooler location.

3: Try warm water. Place the bottle under warm water for a minute and massage the bottle back and forth with your hands. This will help melt away any bits of coconut oil and make everything smooth like butter again!

Caution: Do not microwave your Coconut-Lube bottle.

Our coconut-based lube is made up of organic ingredients: Coconut, Beeswax, Vanilla, and Fruit Extract.

Our coconut-based lube allows you to have long-lasting and uninterrupted playtime with company or by yourself.

Our coconut-based lube is offered in two sizes: 2oz (59mL) & 4oz (118mL).

Our coconut-based lube is unlike the rest – Organic Ingredients, Easy Application, Non-Stick Formula, Contains Vitamin E, Quick and Easy Cleanup, and Long Lasting.


Coconut Ingredient Thumbnail

This safe and effective moisturizer has properties that allow for longer-lasting intercourse.

Beeswax Ingredient Thumbnail

Pure beeswax is used as the natural thickener, while adding anti-inflammatory properties and a gorgeous smell.

Vanilla Ingredient Thumbnail

The perfect plant-based ingredient that helps to balance the taste and aroma.

Fruit Extract Ingredient Thumbnail
Fruit Extract

This ingredient can be used in personal care products for its high content of skin-conditioning fatty acids and mild coconut aroma.

From our customers


This product completely exceeded expectations. And the natural ingredients made using it so much better.

- John H.

Love the consistency/feel of this lube. I would however prefer it to come in a pump style bottle as the flip tops are hard to fiddle with when you're in the middle of... ya know ;)

- Dylan Y.

Bought a few bottles of the silicone in the old bottles and was excited to see it come back. This is some of the best lube I've used to date. Very long lasting and doesn't get that thick, tacky feeling like other silicone lubes can. Would definitely recommend

- Kurt M.
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