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Premium Personal Lubricant


Stay clean. Stay ready.

Come back soon as we are currently working on creating an improved lube that creates confidence in bed and helps you Stay Ready

Easy application without all of the heavy-duty clean up afterwards. Our Stay Ready Lube uses simple ingredients for a long-lasting personal lubricant.

How It Works

Made in The USA.

Tested to the highest standard for purity.

PH Balanced.

Made with healthy pH in mind.

Fragrance Free.

No synthetic fragrances added.

No Mess.

Silky smooth, non-sticky feeling for long-lasting playtime.

Additional Benefits:


Enjoy the silky-smooth feeling of this safe lubricant that allows you to have long-lasting and uninterrupted playtime.

Non-Sticky Formula

Made with high quality ingredients that are non-irritating to your skin, unscented, and flavor free.

Quick and Easy Clean-up

Stain-free formula that makes for a quick clean up.

What Our Customers Say