Organic All-In-One Body Cleanser

Bar 3-Pack

Lavender. Essential oils. Activated charcoal.

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Save big with the new Bar 3-Pack!

Stay Ready Bar is the perfect all-in-one body cleanser. A natural deodorizer, gently cleanse your body with activated charcoal. Wash away odor-causing bacteria and excess oils without the worry of dry skin.

Plus, smell great from head-to-bum with tea tree and lavender essential oils. Express your best self with a confident, hydrating clean!
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How It Works


Detoxify your body.


Nourish your skin


Hydrate and protect your skin.


Fell fresh and confident.


Benefits Top-to-Bottom

Man Made

This all-natural soap bar is 3.6oz and is hand-crafted by man and can slightly vary in shape. Our non-GMO formula is 100% organic, vegan, and never tested on animals. 

Clean Confidence 

Organic/Non GMO. Vegan. Not tested on animals. 


This all-in-one soap bar is safe to use on your face, body, and hair to help balance the PH of your skin, while also serving as a natural shaving cream

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