Lavender-Infused Hydrating Toner

Facial Toner

Earn 89 points

Lavender-Infused Hydrating Toner

Facial Toner

Earn 89 points

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When’s the last time you gave your skin a pick-me-up? This daily toner brings together ancient ingredients in a plant-based elixir that tones, hydrates, and soothes normal to dry skin types while undoing the effects of aging. Apply generously post-cleanse for an age-defying glow. Stay hydrated.

For Normal to Dry Skin.

Aloe Gel, Ginseng Extract, Sea Whip Extract, Vitamin A, Japanese Green Tea Extract

1.) Cleanse - Wet your face and apply a small amount 2-3x/week. Work in gentle circular motions for best effect. 

2.) Tone - With a clean face, mist your face with eyes closed to rehydrate your face.

3.) Moisturize - Once toner has dried, apply generously for a hydrated, fresh feeling. 

Treat Yourself


Instantly rehydrate, refresh, and stimulate sluggish skin.

Fight Aging

Promotes oxygen-revitalizing properties which are lost with aging.


A, E and C antioxidant vitamins protect from free-radical environmental damage.

Smooth & Calm

Smooth the skin's tone while calming the senses.


The Pure For Men Difference


Our skin products are made with 100% plant-based ingredients that are never tested on animals, are safe for the environment, and non-GMO.


Made with Botanical ingredients that are powered by plants and are non-toxic to your body. 

Made for Men

All Pure for Men products are made by our team of scientists just for us guys - we don't borrow anyone else's formula.