Man-Made for the Whole Body

Pure For Men Charcoal Body Wash

Made with Plant-Based Ingredients

Charcoal Ingredient Thumbnail

A natural deodorizer and exfoliant with antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Bilberry Extract Ingredient Image
Bilberry Extract

This ingredient has astringent and toning properties that help pH balance your skin while locking in moisture.

Aloe Vera Ingredient Thumbnail

This plant-based cleanser has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Hibiscus Ingredient Thumbnail

The acids in hibiscus help purify your skin by breaking down dead skin.


Our charcoal body wash consists of organic, plant-based ingredients: Charcoal, Bilberry Extract, Aloe, and Hibiscus.

Using our charcoal body wash is quite simple – rub body with our body wash by gently rubbing the body wash into your skin until a lather. A loofah, sponge, or wash cloth can be used to help with further lathering. After lathered, rinse with warm water. Our body wash works to deliver a deep, detoxifying cleanse while reducing blemished and hydrating the skin.

Our charcoal body wash contains 8 fl. oz (236mL) of organic, plant-based ingredients.

Our charcoal body wash is unlike the rest – Organic, Plant-Based Ingredients, and Improved Unscented Charcoal Formula Set to Come Together to Naturally Lift Excess Oils from Your Pores, Recharge, and Stimulate Your Skin.

Body Wash
A plant-based formula that helps with blemish control and promotes healthy, vibrant skin.
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