Lather Up Before Getting Down

What’s the most important part of any bum hygiene routine?

The answer actually involves two equally important items: The invaluable Stay Ready Fiber and the underestimated Body Washes. A good lather with one of our Body Washes does what our fiber supplements can’t, which is keeping your skin and entire body feeling clean and smooth!

They are an essential part of our Stay Ready goal and their importance to bottom hygiene is more than skin deep!


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The Why Behind the Wash

Washing your body is a good hygiene practice in general. But when it comes to showing some care for your derrière, a good wash can make all the difference in the bedroom.

"Leftover sweat can harbor bacteria leading to skin infections, rashes, and irritations."

A shower or bath not only helps to keep things fresh before or after playtime, but they also have a health benefit. Leftover sweat can harbor bacteria leading to skin infections, rashes, and irritations. This applies to any part of your body with skin, and we mean ANY part!

A wash of your IRL peach emoji can help soothe the area’s skin while also helping with recovery!

It Takes Two to Stay Ready

With the knowledge that washing is a part of a healthy sex-hygiene routine, we created TWO Body Washes to fit any type of need!

For a fresh scent with blemish control properties, our Eucalyptus Body Wash is your vegan best friend. The Eucalyptus Oil provides a fresh feel while the other ingredients of Aloe, Hydrolyzed Jojoba, and Hibiscus have other benefits that we’ll get into later!

If scented washes aren’t your thing or you’re looking for something more exfoliating, our Charcoal Body Wash is the one. It has the same ingredients as our other wash, but with the titular Charcoal instead of Eucalyptus Oil. The Charcoal makes this wash more exfoliating while leaving you feeling fresh without the extra scent additives!


pfm blog lather up before getting down man in shower


Wash the Best With the Best

Pure for Men Body Washes are important for bum hygiene because they are specifically made for our community’s needs.

Our Charcoal Body Wash has antifungal properties and both varieties also have antibacterial properties to help combat any sweat buildup from before or after play. The two washes also use their exfoliating and purifying ingredients to help reset your skin everywhere while gently restoring it. Additionally, our Eucalyptus Body Wash can give you a boost in blood circulation and an extra glow!

And most importantly, using our Body Washes will maintain hygiene starting from the bottom and keep you smelling fresh all the way to the top!


Stay Clean and Ready

Pure for Men didn’t just make “A” Body Wash, we made “THE” Body Wash.

We have everything you need to Stay Ready from the inside out starting with our Body Washes and fiber supplements . They’ll keep you feeling good, smelling clean, and maybe even help you with some other feelings!

Stay Ready from the bottom to the top with Pure for Men!



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