Backdoor Basics

What is “anal”?

Well, you probably already know what that is, but what you may not know is where to start or even how to start! From taking a daily fiber capsules to staying safe, anal can seem like a downright impossible goal at first.

But, since we’ve all been there before, we’re going to cover the backdoor basics to help you stay ready for anal and beyond!

Anal 101

"Advocate for your needs and desires..."

Your two best friends for starting anal are anal lube and BREATHING!

Anal can be painful for beginners, but lube and conscious relaxation will help make things go smooth. It’s also best to start slowly by growing your flexibility with small objects, like a finger or mini plug, and choosing the best lube for you. Whether it’s our Water-Based Lube for silicone sex toy experimentation, our Silicone-Based Lube for extra glide, or our Coconut-Based Lube for a taste of the tropical fantasy, you’ll be in good hands!

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Additionally, the only way to figure out if you’re a giver, receiver, or both is to try different things, and as much as the process is physical, it’s also both mental and emotional. Advocate for your needs and desires, and communicate with your partner (and yourself!) what feels good and what feels not so good!

And most importantly, stop if things are getting painful or too intense. Everyone moves at their own pace, so don’t ever feel embarrassed to take your time, take breaks, and take care of your needs!

PrEP to Stay Ready

As humans, our bums can be pleasure centers, but they can also be centers for other things!

To keep things ready for the main event, the notorious method is douching with water, but the most effective (and less messy!) way of staying ready is with a little Stay Ready fiber capsules or powders. They’re by far the easiest and healthiest way to keep your bum consistently ready, while also supplying heart health and hangover relief benefits!

PFM blog backdoor basics two men in bedroom with fiber

Once you have your Pure for Men Supplements and anal lube, the last step to get ready for anal is to have a healthy supply of condoms and a recurring appointment for STI/STD testing! We know, this may not be the most fun part of anal sex (or any sex), but it is so important to keep not only others safe, but also yourself. A little PEP and PrEP can also provide further protection so you can stay ready and stay healthy for fun!

Self-Care for Your Derrière

After your first anal experience, take some time to recover, reset, and practice some self-care.

Take a bath and show some love to your behind by checking for any irritations or damages. If your skin did get worn out during playtime, our natural and vegan Bum Balm can soothe and rehydrate your rear and everywhere else!

For any lingering pain or discomfort, visit a doctor and take things easy before the next time!

Stay Backdoor Ready With Pure for Men

When it comes to anal, this is just the tip… of the iceberg that is!

While this isn’t a complete and comprehensive guide to anal, we still have your back(door) with helpful tips and even more helpful supplies from fiber capsules to even a Pure for Men Bidet!

Stay ready for anal and more with Pure for Men!



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