Our Scary Good Guide to Skincare

“Do you like scary movies?”

While that infamous horror movie line still gives us chills that are multiplying, we know of something else that is a million times scarier than ghosts or masked villains…BAD SKINCARE! Don’t get it twisted though, there is no singular right or wrong way to care for your skin, but, there are a few key secrets that can help keep your skin flawless from front to back.

As a special Halloween treat, we’re going to spill our best skincare advice to help keep your skin tighter than Violet Chachki’s corset!

Masks Off, Face On

We’re all familiar with the two main steps of facial skincare: Washing and Moisturizing. Luckily, our two Face Care Kits for Normal to Dry or Normal to Oily skin already has those two steps covered with their respective cleansers, creams, toners, and mists. 

"...it is vital to wash and restore your skin to prevent breakouts..."

But, there is another way to keep your face smooth and balanced, even during the gloomy fall months. The daily post-wash use of a Vitamin C Serum, like the one that just so happens to be available through Pure for Men, can help reduce wrinkles and those pesky dark spots from last summer’s tanning sessions. 

pfm blog vitamin c serum

We also don’t mean to brag, but our Vitamin C Serum is made out of only clean ingredients (including G-O-L-D) and works to hydrate your skin into a breathtaking glow!

Treat Your Body Some Tricks

After a long night of giving out candy or running from mysterious masked men in the woods, it is vital to wash and restore your skin to prevent breakouts or other scary skin problems!

If you’re more of a hot bath with a glass of wine person, a little bit of Pure for Men’s Bath Fizz will do the trick. For old-school vibes, there’s also the Body Bar option, or alternatively, Wipes can be used if there’s no shower option in your abandoned cabin in the woods. Our Charcoal or Eucalyptus Body Washes are also good for cleansing and refreshing your skin on the daily. 

PFM blog man in shower eucalyptus aloe body wash

However, for the chilly month of October, we absolutely recommend our vegan and exfoliating Body Scrub. This scrub can be used in the shower to clean off any sweat and gently remove dead skin cells, which is a MAJOR help during the dry skin season of fall. Plus, with natural ingredients of organic coconut sugar, spearmint oil, rosemary extract, and raw shea butter, you’ll smell fresh through next Halloween (probably)!

From Beast to Boo-ty

After your face and body are clean, it’s always a good idea to keep everything smooth—starting at the bottom! 

The Pure for Men Bum Balm can be used to naturally restore and deodorize dry skin literally anywhere you can think of, but it’s especially effective on your derrière. It can be easily applied and is made out of simple ingredients from raw shea butter to organic oils for maximum skin protection.

As an added extra credit opportunity, a daily dose of our fiber supplements for men will keep things smooth on the inside so you can focus more on the outside!

Stay Ready to Slay and Play

Unlike the iconic Halloween franchise, good skincare doesn’t have to end in October. With Pure for Men supplements and skincare products, you’ll have skin to die for all year long!

Stay Spooky and Stay Ready!



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