Our 2023 Refresh and Ready Guide

The clock has officially struck midnight, the calendars have shifted, and you’re already making 2022/2023 typos. 

You may even be fighting off a hangover from a NYE that was a little too rockin’, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get a great 2022 2023 start! And since we know that around January 3rd our New Year’s resolution buzz starts to wear off (literally) we’re sharing the most perfect and PUREst ways to get the most out of the year. 

After all, who doesn’t need a little boost after that yearlong pregame to 2023?

Health Comes in MULTI-ples

It wouldn’t be a New Year without the universal goal of health…and beauty ofc! 

This goal looks different for everyone, from committing to the gym twice a week to balancing carb intakes with protein, but since we’re all human it’s impossible to be dedicated the full 365 days. This is where our vegan Pure for Men supplements come dropping in to fill in those VERY normal gaps and act as supports to your new daily routines. 

pfm blog our 2023 refresh and ready guide man stretching stay ready fiber multivitamin

At 2 capsules per day, our Multivitamins are packed with an alphabet of vitamins and minerals to support your immune system, bones, daily energy, and mood balance. If you’re more of a gummy person or want to focus more on your features, our Beauty Multi can be taken 2 at a time to replenish biotin, B-6, B-12, and vitamin A to E levels. When combined with other facial care products, these supplements help to support healthy skin, strong nails, and thick hair all while supplying you with nutrients for your inner beauty!

Ready and Anything but Regular

Whether you want to improve your digestive health or want a clean start (and finish) to your year, Stay Ready fiber is the key to your 2023!

Adding 2 daily doses of 1 scoop of our Stay Ready Fiber Powder or 2-3 of our Stay Ready Fiber Capsules to your goal fiber-rich diet will have things movin’ and groovin’ for anything. Both versions of our fiber are also vegan and made with only natural ingredients of psyllium husk, aloe vera, chia seeds, and flaxseed for a gentle digestive and “ready” aid. You’ll get the cleanliness you need for your sexual health with the added physical health benefits to your heart, gut, and weight.

"Whether you want to improve your digestive health or want a clean start (and finish) to your year, Stay Ready fiber is the key to your 2023!"

Though for those extra special nights, we also carry our newest Bum Bulb for when fiber can only do(uche) so much!

Inspiration Without Perspiration

We know everyone is jazzed for their fresh start this year, but first, you gotta make sure you smell fresh.

Nothing beats a daily shower with a nice body wash or scrub, and our two deodorant options can work hard to control the B.O. without the GMOs, aluminum, phthalates, or excess residue. They’re both designed to be applied daily as needed and are safe for all skin types with their natural ingredients of coconut oil, arrowroot powder, shea butter, and baking soda.

pfm blog our 2023 refresh and and ready guide man applying deodorant

Whether you’re a Eucalyptus & Sage scented person or have a preference for Unscented, using this on the daily will keep your pits dry (without the drying out part), soothed, and pH balanced so you can feel confident and motivated for anything!

New Year From Face to Rear

For 2023, we have everything you need to face it all from our face care line to our signature Stay Ready Fiber.

Not only will you start this year ready, but you’ll STAY READY!

Happy New and PURE Year!



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