Naughty Gifts for Your Nice List

What begins with a “P” and is one of the hardest things during the holidays?

No it’s not a trick question or dirty joke, it’s the timeless and seasonal challenge of giving (or receiving) PRESENTS. Figuring out budgets, shipping, and wishlists is the one nightmare nobody wants before Christmas, BUT there is one thing that everyone has in common and that is s-e-x!

So what better way to celebrate the holiday season than by giving the gift of sex(care) this holiday season with Pure for Men’s Sex Collection?

Fa la la la for Fiber

If you’re on a budget after the rise in eggnog prices, then our aptly named 6 for $69 Fiber Bundle is right up your chimney!

pfm blog naughty gifts for your nice list

These vegan and natural fiber supplements for men make great presents for anyone who wants to fully clear their fireplace of coal for those unexpected late-night visitors. Or you can gift one of your six 60ct bottles to a friend who wants to get regular and get healthy. The ingredients of psyllium husk, flaxseed, chia seeds, and aloe vera simultaneously work to reduce gut inflammation, support heart health, and simplify prep time for the perfect universal gift.

"...there is one thing that everyone has in common and that is s-e-x!"

For gal pals or those cousins that need a lower dose, we’d recommend placing Pure for Her Fiber bottles under the tree instead!

Let It Snow With Our Lubes

The gift of our Stay Ready Lube is not as discreet as Pure for Men supplements, so this one is ideal for your best judy or adventurous aunt.

To help with those not-so-silent nights, you can choose between three non-staining lube types. There’s the classic unscented and non-sticky Water-Based Lube to gift to anyone with skin sensitivities or allergies. Or there’s the long-lasting and shower-friendly Silicone-Based Lube for your kinky friends (with or without benefits).

pfm blog naughty gifts for your nice list water-based lube

Lastly, our organic Coconut-Based Lube is a useful present for those on your naughty list who like a natural, PH-balanced, and deliciously smelling experience!

Head to (Mistle) Toe Bum Balm

Your search for the most versatile gift is finally over with the Pure for Men Bum Balm.

Whether your Secret Santa pick needs a little hydration from chronic dry skin or is looking for a moisturizing scent boost to jingle all the way, there’s a use for this for everyone. Our Bum Balm is also made with vegan ingredients, like raw shea butter and palm oil, that leave behind a confident minty clove scent to help with that lingering holiday dinner smell!

Stocking Stuffers for Stuffing Stockings

This holiday season, the Pure for Men Sex Collection has everything you need to fill Santa’s sack from our beloved Wipes to our new Bum Bulb. With these gifts, Ebenezer won’t be the only one getting “Scrooged” this season if you catch our drift!

Stay Ready for the holidays!




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