Plant-Based Wet Wipes for Men

Pure For Men is proud to provide a plant-based collection of high-quality wellness products to promote personal cleanliness, confidence and sexual empowerment from the inside out. Because we’re dedicated to men’s health and wellness, we love educating our customers (and anyone, really) on everything from hygiene to sexual education. Continue reading to learn why using wet wipes has significant benefits for men.

Benefits Of Wet Wipes
Wet wipes have been used for years by parents on their babies, and by those who’ve discovered their magic for self-cleaning as adults. While the idea of wet wipes for men may still not be widely received by everyone, it’s gaining more and more traction as a good, sanitary, and even pleasant practice. The truth is that wet wipes have many benefits for feeling and staying clean and confident. Some of these include:
  • Good hygiene
  • A better & more thorough clean after using the bathroom
  • Cleaner underwear
  • Sexual health

As far as hygiene goes, wiping with toilet paper alone can leave feces behind, and excessive wiping to get it off (how many of us have to wipe until we no longer see poop on the toilet paper?) can contribute to anal fissures, urinary tract infections, and even hemorrhoids. Wiping can move bacteria from the anus toward the front of the body. Using products like our wipes or cleaning with soap and water rinses away bacteria or kills it to keep you clean and healthy.

Cleaning your bum with moisture instead of just dry paper provides a more thorough clean, removing feces rather than just smearing poop around. Of the millions of people who use toilet paper to wipe, how many of them think they are clean, when they’re really walking around dirty? Think about how we wash other parts of our body when they are dirty. We would never use a dry towel or rag to clean sweaty armpits or even to wash a dirty car. Why is going to the bathroom any different? If anything, it should encourage more and better cleaning.

When poop is left on your anus, it goes without saying that it will get on your underwear. Tired of having to wash skid marks off your undies? Embarrassed to stay the night anywhere for fear of your dirty underwear being seen? Start using wet wipes instead of toilet paper.

Plant-Based Wet Wipes For Sexual Wellness
Sexual wellness should be a top priority for men. Whether you’re gay, straight, or a mix of different things, having a clean ass is severely underrated. Whatever your sexual fantasies, keeping yourself fresh and ready is an absolute must—not just for your partner(s), but also for your own satisfaction. No one wants to be caught off guard in the middle of a hot moment with the embarrassment of being dirty—or worse, looking and smelling undesirable—down there.

Wet wipes like our Stay Ready Wipes help you feel clean and confident, eliminating odor and keeping you ready for any unplanned moment. Keep them anywhere and rest assured that a quick freshening up is never far. And because we know you’re wondering, our wipes are 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly, so they’re safe for the environment.

Pure For Men has made anal cleanliness easier than ever with our Fiber Capsule. The patented blend of Chia, Flaxseed, Psyllium and Aloe quite literally cleans up your butt from the inside out. When taken daily, the fiber passes through your digestive system, binding food particles together and scrubbing your intestines until they are sparkling clean. This creates a soft but solid poo that requires little more than a rinse and a spot check. And voila! Your bum is ready for licky sticky fun, even if you will be topping for the grand finale.

Want to go the extra step? Use the Pure for Men Stay Ready Scrub and Stay Ready Cream to leave that ass polished and smooth.

Most importantly, remember to have fun, safe, and consensual sex with your partner(s) while using Pure for Men.

Shop Pure For Men Wet Wipes & More
Are you convinced now on why you should start using wet wipes? We thought so. Be sure to shop our Pure For Men selection of plant-powered products to keep you healthy from the inside out, ready for whatever life throws at you. You’ll see we offer a wide variety of items including capsules, non-capsules, multivitamins, wet wipes, lube, soap, cream, scrub, and even apparel. And as always, feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

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