How to Get Freaky in the Sheets

Masks, costumes, and thrills are familiar Halloween staples, but they’re also great additions to the bedroom. 

“Freaky Sex” is often the term we use whenever those leather masks or whips come into play, but we prefer calling it by a simpler name—“sex”! No matter where you land in kink or freaky sex experience, from a seasoned witch to a beginner, it can still be frightening to try new things with new people. 

"...Consent, Condoms, and Convenience..."

That’s why we’re breaking down our top and bottom (Freaky) sex tips so you can get freaky on Friday (and the other 6 days a week)!

Learn the Fundamentals Before the Fun

Before opening your bedroom door, there are the “3 Cs” you need to know: Consent, Condoms, and Convenience. 

The first C of Consent is all about safety, which is the need for safe words, boundary setting, emergency backup plans, and the crucial vetting of all potential partners or events. Basically, you gotta feel safe with them in the streets before trusting them in the sheets; this step is especially hard for beginners so don’t be afraid to reach out to friends for help!

Speaking of safety, the second C stands for the most important latex accessory you’ll ever need: Condoms. We know, not everyone likes using them, but for new partners these are a MUST. As well as taking any PrEP medication and ensuring any enhancement pills are formally prescribed. 

Lastly, the final C is for “Convenience”, which is making sure you’re fully stocked with anything you may want or need like sex toys, costumes, rope, food, or harnesses. And of course, just like reading, it is fundamental to be stocked in Pure for Men Fiber Capsules or Powder and a lube that is synthesized for your needs, like silicone, water, or coconut-based, for ease in every position!

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Getting Started From Lingo to Lingus

After your roommates have cleared out and the full moon is shining, you’re ready to dive into the world of freaky sex.

There are A LOT of shorthand terms and various kinks to try, but some common ones are Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism (BDSM), Fetishes from feet to thrills, Role Playing and Costumes, and using sidelined observation as a kink (Exhibitionism).

The possibilities are literally endless, from dressing up as Freddy and Jason to the more risky practice of sharps play. You can try anything as long as everyone consents to the practices and risks involved. 

And even though kinky sex can be fun, it still can be nerve-racking to approach a partner(s) with the idea. Our advice is to be honest with them and to be open to their ideas or concerns, you never know what they’re thinking unless you ask!

Pausing After Play

Finally, after getting freaky you may be ready to turn into a pumpkin, and that’s a GOOD THING!

Use the post-coitus time to recover, relax, and refresh using your favorite scented products, like our Lavender and Bergamot Bath Fizz. This is also the perfect time to do a Carrie Bradshaw-esque reflection of what felt good, uncomfortable, exciting, or even scary. Being mindful of those insights will be a great help for future sex experiences, whether it’s solo, freaky, or old-school!

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Stay Ready to Stay Screamin’

Sex should never be scary, unless you want it to be of course!

From roleplay to rope-play, Pure for Men has your Lube and Fiber Capsules needs covered this Halloween.

Stay Ready and Stay Freaky!



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