Forgot to Douche? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back(side)

Let’s be honest. Most gay men have a love hate relationship when it comes to bottoming. You may love bottoming but you hate the prep time or uncertainty that comes with being clean back there.

For most gay men their initial thought for clean up is in the form of douching. Contrary to common belief, heavy douching is not necessary and can often create bigger issues. The best way to stay ready is by ensuring you have an adequate amount of fiber and a warm shower. The occasional douche mixed with fiber supplements are your best friends for cleanup before you plan on having anal sex.

When you have a high fiber diet and regular bowel movements there is less of a need for excessive cleanup attempts. An easy way to increase your fiber intake is by adding a dietary fiber supplement like Pure for Men to your daily routine.

Pure for Men is the dietary fiber supplement for men that promotes digestive cleanliness and personal hygiene. The high-grade fiber provides bulk, functioning as cleansing agents as they safely pass through your digestive system.

Fiber is one of the essential ingredients to the digestive cycle. They are carbohydrates that do not provide energy and can’t be digested, but they help maintain proper function of the intestine.

The best thing about Pure for Men is that it is formulated with a blend of chia, flaxseed, psyllium husk, and aloe vera. All of which are safe, well-known, and thoroughly studied as soluble fibers that promote colon health and general wellness.

With Pure for Men, the expanded fiber passes safely through your digestive tract, binding to food particles and any waste left along the way. It’s a simple process. Just take 2 to 3 capsules of Pure for Men, twice a day with water.Once fully hydrated, fiber inside of each capsule will swell to form a soft-but-solid mass. The process is a lot like a soft sponge cleaning up behind your meals, providing an excellent medium to help maintain the flow of elimination.

No amount of last-minute prep (e.g. enemas, douching, etc.) will keep you 100% clean if you have a crappy diet. There’s only one way to keep your runway clear for landing: fiber.

Follow these steps to ensure you are prepared for game time:
  • Take 2 to 3 capsules of Pure for Men twice a day with a glass of water
  • Take a quick shower before playtime and clean out, business as usual.
  • Enjoy a worry-free experience courtesy of Pure for Men!

Pure for Men is the perfect solution for men on the go, providing much needed fiber without the hassle of watching everything you eat.



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