All About Our Deodorants

What’s the one thing that has plagued mankind since the first-ever sunrise to the most recent heatwave? Besides aging, hair loss, wrinkles, and taxes, the universal bane of existence is none other than BODY ODOR. 

Since we already got your backside covered with our Stay Ready Fiber and your face covered with our Vitamin C Serum, we’ve decided to have your pits covered too with our newest Deodorants

Made with the exact same natural ingredients for long-lasting freshness, these new BO busters come in two versions–Sage + Eucalyptus or Unscented–to finally put an end to the dreaded pain of the stain!

PFM blog all about our deodorants sage and eucalyptus

Ode to Armpits

Both of our  Sage + Eucalyptus scented and Unscented deodorants are equally effective and share the same vegan, organic, cruelty-free, and non-GMO formula. They’re also both completely FREE…of aluminum that is, for the ultimate non-toxic deodorizing experience.

"Whether you need a boost before your date or need to keep things dry before your cycling class, your armpits will smell and feel fresh!"

Available in 2.65 oz packaging, these bad boys can be used up to twice daily to fight odor and keep things dry. But don’t worry, their moisturizing and anti-inflammatory powers work to soothe and protect your initially sweaty skin so it doesn’t get too dried out. 

Whether you need a boost before your date or need to keep things dry before your cycling class, your armpits will smell and feel fresh!

We Sweat the Small Stuff

“All-Natural” deodorants have a bad reputation of being glorified chapsticks that give the illusion of protection without the actual protecting part. Here’s where we’re different, we have scoured all of the earth (and a bit of Westeros) for the best ingredients that actually get the job done. Both deodorant varieties have the same carefully selected formula, but 5 key ingredients stand out as the Spice Girls of our secret recipe. 

The Posh Spice ingredient of Coconut Oil is very trendy but incredibly talented at moisturizing and protecting dry skin through its nutrient and antioxidant boosts. Additionally, the Carnauba Wax (aka Scary Spice) and the Ginger Spice-esque Arrowroot Powder components work to hold the deodorant together with their respective shape-holding and thickening properties. The Vitamin B-filled Arrowroot Powder also helps to balance natural oils for dry skin relief. 

PFM blog all about our deodorants uncented

Finally, we couldn’t forget about our criminally underrated ingredients of Shea Butter and Baking Soda! Our sweet Shea Butter acts as the Baby Spice by gently using its anti-inflammatory powers to heal and tone armpit skin. In a more active role, the Baking Soda/Sporty Spice works against odor by keeping things dry and pH balanced. 

Go Odorless With or Without the Scent

The biggest (and only) difference between our two new deodorants is that the Sage + Eucalyptus blend has delicious notes of the eponymous essential oils as well as sage, while our Unscented version is fragrance-free. 

If you have sensitive skin or nostrils, then Unscented is the way to go for your BO. It’s also perfect for when you want to smell fresh and natural without feeling like you bathed in detergent.

Our Sage + Eucalyptus Deodorant is right for you if you want to smell desirable while keeping other undesirables at bay. You’ll have an all-day scent that is light and inviting but also actively deodorizing sweat!

Stick It to Them

From pits to capsules, we have everything you need to Stay Ready with our Pure for Men Supplements and Deodorants. Available in two fragrance options, you can officially say goodbye to those awkward days of sweat stains and body odor!

Stay Ready and Stay Fresh!



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