4 Types of Sex Care Products You Need

Do you want to have sex?

The answer to that is probably “yes”, but a better question is “Are you ready to have sex”?

Sex care before, during, and after sex will not only help you stay ready for the unexpected dalliance, but it will also help you improve your sexual health.

While there are as many sex care products out there as there are rainbow logos in June, here are the four products you absolutely need to take care of your sexual health!


1. Pure for Men Fiber

In the heat of the moment, you may not be focused on what’s going on inside your body since other things are on your mind (and body).

Taking fiber supplements will ensure that you stay clean and stay ready for playtime at a moment’s notice. Also, besides helping your digestive system and keeping your bottom clear, fiber can help trap and remove excess waste!

If you’re looking for the best and most natural fiber supplement we got your back with our Stay Ready Fiber Capsules and Powder


2. Sex Toys

Sex care isn’t just about what you do to stay ready, it’s also about what you do to stay satisfied.

For your own personal sex care, toys like prostate massagers or masturbation sleeves can help you better understand what feels good while taking care of your sexual needs. If you’re in a relationship or having a chance encounter, butt plugs and vibrating cock rings can add a new element of play and intimacy.

It can even be fun to try new things together or use toys for that extra push!

3. Stay Ready Lube

We know it’s tempting to want to start right away, but using anal lube will help prevent irritation while allowing for more pleasurable experiences.

Regardless if you’re topping or bottoming, lube is a must for sex care to prevent anal injury for you or your partner. Our Water-Based Lube, is a great option since it can be compatible with silicone toys and is easy to clean!


4. Pure for Men Wipes

Sex care doesn’t stop after sex. After getting intimate it’s a good idea to get fresh again too!

Our Wipes for Men can be used for your whole body to clean off any sweat or odors to maintain optimal hygiene. You can also use these wipes to freshen up before sex, and if you start using them enough your partner may even start thinking you sweat spearmint! 


These products are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sex care. But the good news is that there is no right or wrong way to do sex care, it’s whatever feels good and works for you!

For all your sex care needs, questions, and more, Pure for Men has everything you could ever want…well almost everything!



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