All-Purpose Skin Hydration & Styling Cream


Mint & clove from head-to-toe!

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Stay Ready Cream fights odor-causing bacteria any way you use it. Apply it as a hydrating lotion, as a deodorant, or as styling cream—it’s all good! This all-purpose cream lends a soft, suave mint & clove fragrance. Keep this versatile cream nearby and you’ll always be at your best!
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How It Works


Detoxify your body.


Nourish your skin.


Hydrate and protext your skin.


Feel fresh and confident.


Additional Benefits


Our vegan full body cream is man-made with 100% organic ingredients. Safe for you and the environment, our raw lotion is non-GMO and never tested on animals.

All Purpose

Use it anywhere and everywhere to hydrate and nourish your skin, hair, and beard. - Our all-natural cream can be used as an aftershave and deodorant.

Skin Hydration

Apply liberally! This cream nourishes and hydrates your skin while eliminating odor-causing bacteria with a mint & clove fragrance.

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