Stay Ready Kit

The Stay Ready Kit from Pure for Men is designed to keep you clean from head-to-bum, and everywhere in-between.  

Stay Ready Bar with activated charcoal is the perfect all-in-one cleanser. Gently cleanse and nourish your body to wash away odor causing bacteria and excess oils without the worry of dry skin.

Stay Ready Scrub gently exfoliates every ‘nook-and-cranny’ to reveal a younger, fresher you! Use it anywhere and everywhere to smooth out skin and eliminate unwanted odor.

Stay Ready Cream allows you to look, feel, and smell your very best. Use it anywhere and everywhere for hydrated and nourished skin. This all-purpose cream fights odor-causing bacteria with a mint & clove fragrance.

Always feel clean and confident with Stay Ready Wipes! Infused with Vitamin E, Aloe and Micellar, these gentle wipes eliminate odor and keep you feeling fresh! Each pack contains 48 mint scented, flushable, 100% biodegradable wipes. 


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