The Ultimate Guide on Our Lubes


Do you like getting wet?

We’re not talking about a random downpour after you just dyed your hair and bought new shoes. We’re talking about what happens in between the sheets (or kitchen or wherever else)!

Lube is a part of sex, but while being turned on, you may be turned off by its mess, smell, or texture. 

That’s why Pure for Men is launching 3 new lubes to fit every need and every person!

Water-Based Lube

Water is the essence of life, beauty, and of course, sex!


Our new Water-Based Lube is long-lasting, non-sticky, and easy to clean. Though the best part is that it smells exactly like what it’s made out of: Water! Which means it’s unscented with no added synthetic fragrances.


This new anal lube is also made with simple ingredients to be PH balanced and non-irritating to protect your asset after taking our Pure for Men Fiber Supplements. Plus, it’s safe to use with all types of condoms and silicone sex toys for maximum (and safe) fun!

Silicone-Based Lube

While all of our new lubes are long-lasting, we have one that lasts a bit longer than our water-based ones.  

Pure for Men’s Silicone-based Lube has the advantage of being silicone-based to provide a silky feeling while being safe to use with condoms and great to use when you want to get dirty in the shower.

The only downside is that this lube may damage silicone sex toys, but you can still use it for playtime with something or someone that is a bit more animated than those! It is also non-sticky, mess-free, PH balanced, and fragrance-free just like our water-based lubes.

Coconut-Based Lube

Like our wide range of Pure for Men Supplements, we have plenty of lube options, including our newest Coconut-based Lube!

There’s no better way to be all-natural while being au naturel than using this long-lasting and stain-free coconut lube. It has no added fragrances since the coconut naturally gives it a unique scent and texture.

And don’t worry we haven’t gone nuts with this lube, it is still PH balanced, non-sticky, and USA-made like all of our other lube offerings!

This type of lube is best for those looking to try something new or (coco)nutty while also experiencing the Pure for Men quality!

Stay Slippery

Lube can either be your best friend or your worst enemy, but with our 3 new lube options, you may have just found your perfect match (at least for lubes, we can’t guarantee perfect husbands yet)!

Whether water-based or silicone-based is your dream formula or you’re looking to try a more exotic coconut-based lube, Pure for Men has what you need.

Get ready for playtime with our Pure for Men Fiber, but Stay Ready for long-lasting fun with our new lubes!




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