Introducing Pure for Men Body Washes

There’s absolutely nothing better than going deep and leaving a lasting impression.

That’s why Pure for Men is launching not just one, but TWO brand new Body Washes. These washes are specially formulated for men to penetrate pores and soothe skin so you can stay clean AND Stay Ready!

Since we’re best known for our bottoming supplements, we’re going to explain how our new body washes are just as essential as our fiber for feeling fresh for any occasion!


Whether you can’t stand the smell of Drakkar Noir or your skin is sensitive to fragrances, our new Unscented Charcoal Body Wash has you covered in or out of the covers!

But don’t let the name fool you, just because it’s unscented doesn’t mean you’re getting water in fancy packaging. Each 8 oz body wash is all vegan and made with Charcoal, Jojoba, Aloe, Hibiscus, and our not-so-secret ingredient of Pomegranate! The Pomegranate ingredient not only adds to the health vibes, but it’s also great for your skin with its astringents and anti-aging agents!

Charcoal is also best known as nature’s deodorizer, so we credit it for being able to exfoliate and soothe skin while helping to reduce the appearance of acne and acne-related facial marks! The backup dancers to Charcoal also help to remove excess oil, hydrate your skin, and of course, keep your body cleaner than a shelf on Black Friday.

After using this body wash, you’ll have plenty of peace of mind knowing that you’re clean, either before or after any visitors!


dirty is fun, but smelling dirty can be a huge turn-off. That’s why we’ve also created a delicious smelling Eucalyptus Body Wash to cleanse, smooth, hydrate, and soothe your already gorgeous skin from top to bottom!

You can Stay Ready with our cruelty-free and non-GMO formula of Eucalyptus Oil, Hydrolyzed Jojoba, Aloe, and Hibiscus. Our well-paid star of Eucalyptus Oil also helps to prevent and treat acne while simultaneously working to improve circulation and inflammation to keep your skin calm and smooth!

Despite removing oil and dead skin cells, this body wash is also gentle and helps maintain soft skin while still providing the key Pomegranate benefits found in our Unscented Charcoal Body Wash. Not only does the Pomegranate ingredient still work wonders for oily and aging skin, but it’s also loaded with nourishing agents, antioxidants, and refreshing agents!

As an added bonus, this body wash comes in a neat and modest white bottle to go along with any minimalist bathroom designs!


daily routine may already include our Body Bar or Body Scrub, but nothing beats the feeling of lathering with a loofah in a warm shower!

Use our Unscented Body Wash or Eucalyptus Body Wash to feel fresh on the outside and our Fiber Supplements to feel fresh on the inside.

Whether you’re preparing for a work meeting or need to get clean after washing someone else’s body, our body washes are here so you can Stay Ready!



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