Clean Up After You Get Down

What’s the first (or possibly second) thing you think about after playtime?

If your first (or second) thought is about your post-sex hygiene routine, then we have some great tips for you in addition to our amazing mind-reading skills!

Pure for Men is widely known for helping others Stay Ready through our Fiber Capsules, but we can also help with getting ready after getting busy. Whether you have one hour or one minute, we’ll help you get dirty without worrying about staying dirty!

PFM blog clean up after you get down men with stay ready fiber

Clean and Care

We all love a long and warm shower, and it also happens to be one of the best sexual hygiene practices!

"Washing and drying your body are important to not only prevent irritations but to also check for any skin damage from playtime."

The most important areas to wash with gentle soap or water are your family jewels and your treasure chest. But, the rest of your body also deserves equal attention using a cleansing product that’s best for your skin type and needs. Our Charcoal or Eucalyptus Body Washes are both perfect for skincare while leaving a fresh smell. For more exfoliation or a different cleansing texture, we also make Body Scrubs and Body Bars to offer more ways to Stay Ready!

Washing and drying your body are important to not only prevent irritations but to also check for any skin damage from playtime. Another way to care for your skin after sex is to show it some love with our hydrating Bum Balm and a clean set of clothes!

PFM blog clean up after you get down man with bum balm

Staying Fresh on the Go

In a perfect world, we’ll always have time for brunch and a shower, but sometimes, we have to improvise!

If you’re tight, on time that is, a quick all-body cleanse with our flushable and paraben-free Wipes will do the trick until you can hop in the shower. They’re also safe to use on your face and EVERY part of your body!

To stay even more ready for any situation, our portable Travel Kit has the essentials of our Body Bar, Body Scrub, and Bum Balm. Not only are they TSA-accepted, but they’re easy to pack for any occasion!

Sexual Health From Top to Bottom

Sexual hygiene doesn’t stop on the outside, taking care of your internal sexual health is just as important as external care!

Using condoms for protection and Lubes for injury prevention are the best tips for during playtime. After playtime, cleaning used sex toys and getting regularly tested can be invaluable for your health and your partner’s health as well!

The best way to keep sex fun is to keep it safe and to care for yourself!

Get Dirty Without Staying Dirty

Everyone has their own sexual hygiene routine and we encourage every single one of them!

Whether your style is to take a long bath or to rinse off the essentials, we’re here to help you Stay Ready for the next round. From Pure for Men Fiber Supplements to Body Cleansers, we have everything you need for before, after, and during sex!



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