The Do’s and Don’ts of Coming Out of Isolation


Health has always been our top priority…but we’re going stir crazy too. The White House has left the decision to reopen to states, many of which allowed businesses to open their doors over the last few days. Not fully understanding how the virus works made things confusing and stressful during the pandemic and we hope these guidelines help you to navigate the world outside your home, should you choose to venture out now. 

Avoid Crowds

You want to practice social distancing as much as possible epidemiologists strongly urge citizens to continue these practices, literally for the love of humanity. Inconveniently, this includes bars, parties, gyms, and popular outdoor spaces.

Wear A Mask + Wash Your Hands

Remember people can be asymptomatic. So even if you feel well and haven’t been around anyone who knows they are sick, continuing to wear a mask in public and washing your hands as often as you can are critical to keeping the curve flattened. Remember that even when you’re wearing a mask, social distancing is the most effective tool we have until we have mass testing, a cure, or a vaccine.

Limit Trips to the Grocery Store

Cashiers are some of the most underpaid, highly exposed essential workers in our lives, help them out by planning meals ahead and only going to the store when you need to stock up. Here is a list of the top-ranked, free meal planning apps from 2020.

No International Travel

The virus spread worldwide so quickly via human international travel. Additionally, many of the fiercest beaches are located in countries whose health care systems have already been exhausted by COVID-19 patients and literally cannot afford another outbreak. Cheap flights are hard to resist, but for now, explore the natural beauty that exists close to home. Mykonos will still be there.

Be Prepared

One silver lining to this quarantine is that we’ve all had time to figure out what works for us and what doesn’t. Now you know that you didn’t need all that toilet paper, and if you’re like us, that comfort food is essential. It is possible to be prepared and cautiously optimistic at the same time.