Why Sexual Health and Self-Care Go Hand-in-Hand

11.08.2020 - Health & Hygiene

Why Sexual Health and Self-Care Go Hand-in-Hand
Let’s face it; if you are a part of the LGBT community, you probably didn’t get the best education on sexual health and wellness. Almost all Sex Ed curriculums are from the heterosexual perspective, so most queer people are left to decipher what they need out of material that wasn’t created for them.

Most sexual health talks for gay men are centered around STI prevention only. But to truly examine sexual wellness from the LGBT perspective, a holistic approach is required. After all, gay men have different health risks that span beyond STI risks. From anal pap smears to colon health, our bodies need a special kind of love and attention far beyond just condoms and PrEP.

When women go through puberty, the adult women in their life teach them how to properly maintain their sexual hygiene. But for gay men, there isn’t typically a sit-down moment to discuss how to maintain a clean anus and protect the lining of your anal wall. Using a fiber supplement and the correct lubrication can dramatically reduce the risk of damaging the mucus membrane, which is the main risk for HIV and other STI exposure.

There is a reason why men who are the receptive partner in anal sex are the most at-risk for HIV and other STIs. The anal lining is very thin and delicate. Rough treatment, whether from over-douching or rough sex, can compromise your wall and leave you vulnerable to disease exposure.

This topic is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to gay sexual health and self-care. We owe it to each other and to the wellness of our community to continue what sexual wellness looks like beyond HIV and STI risks. So, whenever you reach for that Pure for Men bottle or take the time to properly moisturize your hole with the Pure for Men Stay Ready cream, know that you aren’t just keeping that hole pretty, you are taking care of yourself from the inside out.

To Stay Ready is to stay healthy.