Why Fiber Should Be a Part of Your Sexual Wellness Routine


No one asked us but the answer is yes, you should be taking a daily multivitamin.

Why Fiber Should Be a Part of Your Sexual Wellness Routine

It is truly the dawn of a new day when it comes to queer men and sexual wellness. In the past decade, we have taken huge steps in becoming more in tune with what sexual healthcare means for men who sleep with men and we have gained more prevention methods along the way. With the introduction of PrEP and U=U, we have discovered a way to approach our sex lives without the shame and fear that so many felt in decades past. And as we continue to expand upon what it means to be sexually healthy as gay and bisexual men, its time to move beyond just STI prevention and take a more holistic look at how our bodies work best with our sex lives.
Whether you use condoms, PrEP, are undetectable, or any combination thereof, this is only half of the journey to protecting yourself and staying sexually healthy. Before you ever take a pill or put on a condom, true protection starts from the inside out, especially if you are a bottom.

The reason why gay men are the most at risk for HIV and other STIs is because the lining of the anal wall is very thin and can easily be ruptured, leaving your body exposed to your sexual partner’s fluids. Of course, this damage can happen during sex if proper lubrication and extreme force is involved. But the anal wall is often compromised well before sex from excessive douching. By adding a fiber supplement to your diet, you can dramatically cut down the need to douche before sex, creating a more gentle approach to your preparation and reducing the risk of damaging your anal wall.

At Pure for Men, we know that you have a variety of fiber supplements to choose from, but here is how our fiber powder and pills stand out from the rest. We designed a proprietary blend of aloe Chia, flaxseed, and psyllium to act as the delivery agent helps reduce inflammation and facilitate a gentle cleansing process. As the first product specifically designed for your bottoming needs, we are dedicated to not only helping you stay ready, but healthy as well.