Valentine's Gift Giving

02.02.2021 - Pure Lifestyle

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And although we weren't allowed to celebrate many things, we're convinced that love is something that we should always celebrate. This year, let’s celebrate love for ourselves and those around us (especially, those you may be sleeping with).

When it comes to Valentine’s gifts it’s best to just keep it simple. We get it, chocolates are tasty and the flowers smell sweet, but these gifts don’t really do much for you or your special friend, so this year we suggest ditching the tired Valentine’s cliché and give a gift that will lead to you getting it up and him giving it up.

No matter if you are in love, in like, or in lust, you can show your appreciation for your bedfellow with a super sexy gift he won’t forget.

Get kinky
Experiment with a few new sex toys for you both to play with or find a new jock to serve up that sexy ass on a platter. Ditch the sappy pink and red love notes and get straight to the flesh tones to make this Valentine’s Day on you both will never forget.

Self-care like you mean it
Our personal care products are specially formulated with all-natural, organic, vegan ingredients to give your man sexy skin from head to toe. Whether he is polishing his face… or that ass…Our Stay Ready Kit is the ultimate self-care collection with everything from supplements to products made to show your skin the TLC it deserves.

Soak in love
A nice, cozy bath with an invigorating candle is perfect for when you or someone else needs to feel embraced in warmth and comfort. Our favorite bath bomb is our vegan fizzer filled with luscious oils and uplifting scents, plus a well-known love spell.

For some people, Valentine’s Day can be a reminder that they don’t have someone in their life. If you don’t have anyone who is giving you the warm and fuzzies, give a sexy gift to the most important person of all… yourself! Bitch, you deserve it.