Travel Tips During COVID-19


No one asked us but the answer is yes, you should be taking a daily multivitamin.

It’s no secret that travel has changed in the last few months and we get it, you can’t sit still for any longer and you must have that one vacation before summertime Sashays away. Of course, while you travel we suggest you follow all guidelines provided by the CDC but if you plan on venturing out we’ve got you covered. Here are Pure for Men’s tips for traveling during COVID-19. First things first, don’t travel if you are sick or if you have been around someone with COVID-19 in the past 14 days. Wear a mask you love Keep your nose and mouth covered when in public settings with a proper face mask, this is not only to protect yourself but to be respectful to everyone around you. Since face masks have become 2020’s best accessory, we suggest you wear a mask you love. For all you fashionistas our go-to “lewks” are from Bruce and Olive, a fellow Austin-based company. There you can find an assortment of colors, patterns, and sizes. Wash your hands Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol). Again, this is not only to protect you but others as well. While you can find hand sanitizer just about anywhere, we suggest taking your own soaps to use to wash your hands and in the shower. The Stay Ready Bar is an all-in-one cleanser is exactly what you need for washing away odor-causing bacteria and excess oils without the worry of dry skin. Pro tip: you can use it as shaving cream if needed!

Take your vitamins and supplement This is a double whammy, because it is more important than ever to keep your immune system strong while being surrounded by others in smaller spaces. Nothing is worse than catching a cold from your seatmate on a flight and having to deal with the sniffles the entire length of a trip. The Stay Ready Multivitamin is perfect if you want to stay at the top of your game while having fun, this vegan multivitamin is made to provide immune support and promote enhanced energy levels. In addition to your vitamins make sure to pack your other daily supplements, it’s important to continue your daily routine even while you may be residing on the beach with fresh-made margaritas. If you plan on indulging in all of the tasty beverages and foods-take your fiber. Our premium fiber supplements are designed to keep things moving in your digestive tract while you are on-the-go! Remind yourself to be present in the moment If you’re naturally reticent to travel and take time off of work, your mind might wander back to your desk since your body can’t. Gently remind yourself that you’re traveling because you love your work and want to be able to do it well for a long time. Post-travel quarantine Some types of travel and activities can put you at higher risk for exposure to COVID-19. If you participated in higher-risk activities or think that you may have been exposed before or during your trip, take extra precautions to protect others for 14 days after you arrive. Safe travels and #STAYREADY

Until things start to pick up, make the most out of your open calendar by reconnecting with friends who you are typically too busy for.