The Pure Guide to Surviving the Pandemic During Pride

17.07.2020 - Pure Lifestyle

So you are doing all the right things to keep yourself and your loved one’s safe. You are staying home as much as you can, you are rocking a mask, bathing in hand sanitizer, and keeping your social distance, while trying your best to celebrate and enjoy Pride Month. At first, the newness of the pandemic provided a sort of rush to keep you zooming and cooking at home while being mostly content. But let’s face it, the novelty has officially worn off, Pride plans are cancelled, and you have had it… OFFICIALLY! But even though we are all going a little insane under quarantine, it’s what we gotta do to keep it healthy and cute.

So, to get you from day to day, here is our guide to surviving the Pandemic while celebrating Pride.

Keep it Sexy

Chances are you haven’t been keeping yourself as right and as tight as you typically do. Sure, you probably have been trying to incorporate as much activity and exercise as possible, but it’s very easy to fall in a rut when you don’t need to wear pants most days. But just because your pussy willow is on pause doesn’t mean you shouldn’t maintain your garden! Think about whatever you do to feel better about your appearance, whether it is buffing that mug or trimming that undercarriage. Take a little extra time to pamper yourself for no one but yourself. You’d be surprised how much better you might feel.

Educating is Celebrating

The pandemic literally did rain on our parade and although we cannot attend any major Pride events or parades, we can still honor and celebrate the “why” of Pride Month. Use this time to further educate yourself, family, friends, or followers on LGBTQIA+ and Pride history. This extra knowledge can help you or others gain a greater appreciation for our community. Now at the end of the day you need a more physical approach, we suggest streaming a live DJ Set/dance party in your living room to live your best circuit party life or download TikTok and show off your best moves to your favorite Pride playlists.

Make it Count

Chances are you won’t have this kind of downtime possibly ever again, or at least we hope so! Until things start to pick up, make the most out of your open calendar by reconnecting with friends who you are typically too busy for. Send cards, schedule happy hours, or just send a text to the people who we love but aren’t necessarily at the forefront of our lives. While you are at it, ask them what they are doing to pass the time. They might just inspire you to take on your next project or pick up a new hobby. If thats not enough and you feel like you need to be more involved, especially with everything that is happening in the world today, take this time research and find organizations doing impactful work in our communities that you can donate your time or money to.

Give Yourself a Break!

Even if you can’t bring yourself to put on some pants, even if you don’t want to Facetime your best friend from college, or even if you don’t want to start a new hobby… It’s Ok. This is not just some time that you are home with nothing to do. This is a national health crisis happening at such an important time. So yeah, it might not seem so bad to stay at home and watch Netflix, but this is, in fact, a traumatic experience. Give yourself a break if you can’t find the motivation to do all the things you think you should be doing, just do the best you can. Stay proud and stay healthy!