The Pure Guide to a Sexier Sex Life

01.25.2021 - Sex Ed

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So, chances are, if you are reading this then you have had your fair share of sex. Maybe you have had a ton of it. But at the Pure for Men Headquarters, we have all been wondering…. Is it any good?

We only ask because, for many of us, it took quite some time and a LOT of bad sex before we learned how to really do it right. So we put our heads (the one above our shoulders) and put together our top three tips to take your sex from meh to YES MA’AM!

Don’t yuck it till you yum it.

We all can fall into the bad habit of assuming you don’t like something before you even try it. Whether it is a new exotic food, a new type of workout, or a new sexual kink, trying new things is the key to staying young and keeping life exciting. Sure, you may not go from missionary only to fisting parties, but commit to keeping an open mind when it comes to your sex life. You never know where you will be or what you may be interested in in the future, or tomorrow night! 

If you don’t feel sexy, you can’t have good sex

I know you may not be feeling like your sexiest self at all times. Hell, we would guess that most people are battling with some form of physical insecurity pretty much constantly. However, just because you are subconscious about that 10 lbs you’ve been wanting to lose, doesn’t mean your sexual partner is. If you are having sex, then you are sexually desirable, period! You need to learn to be into your own body as much as you are into the person you are naked with. It’s the only real way you can ever truly let go and enjoy yourself.

Set the scene for great sex!

Your rumpled bed sheets and laundry on the floor doesn’t really matter if you are just trying to get off and get him gone. But if you are wanting a sexual experience that leaves you gagged for days, put a little thought into your surroundings. Clean up your apartment, light one of our Pure for Men candles or spray your favorite sexy sent. Hell, through on that jock strap that has just been sitting in your dresser drawer. We can guarantee you both that you will get so much more out of your sex if you put a little effort into setting the scene. 

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