The Ghastly Horrors of the Halloween Hook Up Gone Wrong

08.11.2020 - Sex Ed

Beware! Beware! You are in for a scare…

It’s the most wonderful time of year for so many queer ghouls and gals. Halloween is the unofficial official LGBT holiday and with it comes the limitless opportunity to let that freaky flag fly. Whether you don the skimpiest super hero costume or paint your face a fright, this is the time to lose yourself in fantasy on all Hollow’s Night.

But before you head out on the town raise hell, take heed and listen to our tale of the Halloween hook-up that didn’t go so well.

Jason was all dressed up and partying with his friends at their favorite bar. They had planned their costumes and had plans to bar hop all night long. But after the fourth or fifth round of poisonous punch, a witch’s spell came over our naughty little gay boy and he fired up his favorite app to find something a little more dark and dangerous.

As the clock struck midnight, Jason departed his ghastly group and met up with a mysterious masked man who was ready to put his secret weapon deep into Jason’s dark corners. Costumes were flying, glitter was everywhere, and things were bumping in the night. All was going wickedly well, then….


As Jason was riding the mystery man, he felt something gurgle deep within. We was frozen, terrified by what would happen if he moved. The man inside him asked if he was all right, but Jason was too embarrassed to answer. Hoping for the best, he decided that he should head to the bathroom to make sure everything was ok.

“I’ll be right back.”

But as he slowly slid off, a stench rose from his under carriage and he knew just how terrors that awaited.

He gasped, then looked down. And there it was, the nightmare that all gays fear the most.

A steaming hot, liquidy, mess.

I guess someone to take their Pure for Men before putting together their costume…

Don’t be like Jason this Halloween. Take your fiber… In fact, take a little extra. That way you can have all the tricks you want without any unwanted treats.

Happy Halloween!