The Curse of the Wicked Bottom


No one asked us but the answer is yes, you should be taking a daily multivitamin.

Did you ever hear the tale Of the witch who cast a spell On the wicked bottom with never any problem? He was just so confident, As if his hole was heaven sent So she hexed his bed for some nasty entertainment It was the night O’ Halloween And could you believe this queen Ate a Bean Burrito topped with cheese and sour cream But still he was so sure, So he didn’t take his Pure, Before he went out to go bump bump bump in the night As he flirted with a costumed hottie And he started feeling naughty A little brewin’ started stewin’ down below But when the costumes hit the floor The bottom begged for MORE MORE MORE! And he got more than he ever bargained for… (SPLAT) So to all the bottoms, we plead! Avoid the curse of the smelly deed, And take your Pure before you head out to trick for treats. Happy Halloween!