There is a glaring absence of sex education in the United States. And when it comes to men and women who are same-sex, the curriculum is nonexistent. As our society becomes more open for youth to feel comfortable with their sexuality, there has never been more of a need for gay sex ed than for today’s queer generation. In fact, HIV diagnoses among gay and bisexual men, ages 13-24, are up by 132.5% since the beginning of the century. Recent studies have also found that teens who get comprehensive sex education make better choices about sex. 
It’s the most wonderful time of year for so many queer ghouls and gals. Halloween is the unofficial official LGBT holiday and with it comes the limitless opportunity to let that freaky flag fly. Whether you don the skimpiest super hero costume or paint your face a fright, this is the time to lose yourself in fantasy on all Hollow’s Night.

Let’s be honest. Most gay men have a love hate relationship when it comes to bottoming. You may love bottoming but you hate the prep time or uncertainty that comes with being clean back there.