ASK PURE: How to Stay Healthy While Traveling for the Holidays 2020


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Conner from California asks, “After being in quarantine for most of the year, I finally caved and have started making travel plans with my friends instead of visiting family. Do you have any tips to stay safe and healthy while getting out for a quick trip during the holidays?”

We get it! You can only stay in for so long without going absolutely bonkers and the holidays are a special time to spend with loved ones. It is time to mask up, pack your antibacterial wares, and get back to living your life. And even though big parties and nights out at the club may be off the agenda, that does not mean all your travel plans have to come to a halt.

To make sure you stay as healthy as possible during your holidays travels or vacation, here are our top four tips for traveling during a pandemic:

Wash Your Hands and Wear a Mask

It’s just that simple.

Pack Your Pandemic Essentials

Sure, you have your mask and your Hand Sanitizer ready to go, but what else should you pack to keep your health game on point? Washing your hands is so important, but when you are traveling, your body is coming into contact with all sorts of things. We recommend our antibacterial Bar as your go-to for all things clean and germ-free. But don’t just stop at the outside of your body. Throw our Multivitamin in your carry-on to keep those insides feeling ready for fun! 

Travel in (Small) Packs

Let’s face it, this isn’t the time for circuit parties and trips to massive events. Instead of lamenting what would have been, embrace the intimacy of the new normal and select a few of your closest friends who you would like to spend your holiday or vacation with. By traveling in small groups, you can take the proper precautions and have more trust in where your friends have been before you depart. After all, bonding trips with the boys are severely underrated.

Pick a Place with Remote Beauty

Don’t make your travel plans more difficult than they have to be. If you have to worry about how to stay healthy while fighting the crowds, your vacation could turn into more of a nightmare. Instead, pick a place where you and your travel crew can explore the outdoors and be socially distant by miles, not feet. Rent an Airbnb out in the country or splurge for the villa so you don’t have to traverse the common spaces of your resort. Whatever you do, pick a place where you can let loose without worrying about getting to close with strangers.

This holiday season is different than years past but we are glad that you are trying to take measures to protect your health while enjoying your time with loved ones.

Safe travels and happy holidays! 

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