How to Beat the Holiday Hangover

12.21.2021 - Pure Lifestyle

As the year comes to a close, we’re all busy getting gifts, setting our New Year’s Resolutions, and of course, eating our weight in cookies!

We also can’t forget about our wine indulgences during holiday dinners and the vodka shot or two (or three) we do for New Year’s Eve.

While getting drunk and feasting is a great way to end this year, a hangover and serious bloat is not a particularly great way to start the next year!

Fear not though, Pure for Men is here with some advice for how to recover from your Aunt Lillian’s Famous Spiked Eggnog and 5-layer cake!

Healthy Diet and Hangover Remedies

You’ve probably heard of some “miracle” hangover recipes like drinking pickle juice, eating a grilled cheese bagel sandwich with a Baja Blast on the side, or the classic “hair of the dog that bit you”. But none of these are 100% effective, or healthy, especially the “hair of the dog” method since that can lead to some other issues if done too often.

After a night of drinking, the healthiest way to recover is through hydration, sleep, and eating healthy meals the following day that are balanced in nutrients and carbs to balance your blood sugar levels.

If you’re also starting to feel like Santa Claus after binging on leftovers, avoid starving yourself or going from a diet of all carbs to all carrots. It’s best to gently transition into a healthy and sustainable diet filled with the right nutrients and water hydration you need on a daily basis.

RESET Your Lifestyle

In addition to resuming a healthy lifestyle after binging cornbread and brunch cocktails since November 25th, a little boost like our Reset can make a huge difference!

This supplement is a short-term transition aid to help you detox, clear your digestive system, decrease bloat, and increase your energy levels over 3-10 days. While this won’t replace hitting the gym and eating in moderation, it will help kickstart the process through its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

This is especially helpful since holiday foods and drinks don’t tend to be filled with nutrients or fiber for digestion!

men's daily fiber supplement

Stay Ready Multivitamin for Replenishment

From Gin to Gingerbread indulgence, long-term recovery from bloat and hangovers requires long-term nutrition. Our Multivitamin pairs well with a healthy diet to help replenish your body’s minerals and Vitamins B, C, and D.

Just two pills daily can give you a boost in energy, immunity, and muscle function. And if you’re worried whether or not it fits into your new meal plan, don’t be, it’s vegan, dairy-free, wheat-free, and has no artificial colors or sweeteners!

This vitamin boost paired with our Reset will help you in your journey from drinking hot toddies to looking like a hot toddy!

...long-term recovery from bloat and hangovers requires long-term nutrition.

Stay Ready, Not Hungover

If hangovers and calories bring you fear, Pure for Men supplements are here to bring you cheer!

Santa may have delivered all those gifts overnight, but getting back on track may take a little bit more time, and that’s okay! We’re here with our Reset, Multivitamins, and Dietary Fiber Capsules to help you get ready to jingle and mingle into the New Year! 

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Supplements Collection

Stay 100% with our proprietary blend of essential nutrients for digestive and total body wellness.


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