Holiday Regret? Try Our Reset

11.19.2021 - Health & Hygiene

Big meats. Muscular legs. Delicious and hot buns. 

We’re talking about Thanksgiving and Holiday dinners of course (though they do sound good for some private desserts)!

In the moment, gorging on turkey and decade-old family recipes may feel great, but afterward, you may start to feel like a stuffed turkey yourself. This is where Pure for Men can help you Reset your body before sweater weather ends!

We know you’re probably skeptical, so we’re going to walk you through how our new Reset cleansing supplement can help you transition from eating snacks to looking like a snacc!

What Are Cleanses?

You’ve heard the term “cleanses” on daytime programming and “detox” on RuPaul’s Drag Race, but to us, it means something different.

Cleanses are ways to temporarily add vitamins to your body, reduce negative effects from toxins (think vodka and Doritos instead of poisons), and reduce bloat by clearing out your digestive system.

They can take the form of juices, soups, water combinations, and supplements. Some only last for a few days, while others are more strict and last for a few weeks.

...reduce bloat by clearing out your digestive system.

These should NEVER take the place of proper nutrition, exercise, and self-care, but they can be used as a short-term Reset (see what we did there?) for your body.

Cleanses can be used occasionally by whatever means are convenient and realistically feasible to help you transition from a poor diet to a healthier lifestyle change. Physically, it can have positive short-term effects, but it can also help you get into a different mindset focused on self-care and health.

What Is The Reset?

The Reset isn’t a time machine, but it is a 3-day supplement regimen filled with vegan ingredients like Licorice Root, Psyllium Husk, and Senna Leaf.

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help to temporarily boost your digestive system, lower your blood pressure, and reduce oxidative stress on your body.

Though these are best taken with water and can aid in digestion much like our Dietary Fiber Capsules, these are meant to cleanse your body for health, not for sexy time. And before you ask, no, this is not another rebrand!

Reset for the Holidays

Right now is certainly the most wonderful time of the year for your tastebuds, but not so much for the scale. The heavy spreads, carbohydrate binges, and trans-fat-filled treats are delicious, but cleanses can help reset the body and get you back to going for runs instead of going for seconds!

We are, however, definitely NOT saying to eat celery and chia seeds for your holiday dinners, but it is good to have a way to refill on vitamins, clear out your digestive systems, and maintain your health to help eliminate any additional stress from the holiday season. 

Pure for Men’s Reset Supplements, and their health properties, can help you in detoxing before a holiday trip, detoxing after Thanksgiving (or after the leftovers are gone), or even cleansing before the New Year!

RESET to Stay Ready

We know we’re known for our fiber capsules, Body Scrub, and Bidet, but this holiday season we're gifting our community to a new way to feel confident with our Reset Supplement!

The Reset will help you return to your pre-pecan pie health and get you ready to gobble up some CrossFit classes after the leftovers are gone!

Try our Reset Supplement before the year ends, and don’t worry, a holiday reset for your sanity and wallet is something we may or may not offer in the future…

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