Holiday Day Health Guide: Stuff your Pie Hole without Clogging your Booty Hole.


It’s time to break out the elastic waistbands and fire up the ovens, y’all. The holidays are here! And even though this year’s dinner tables might be a little more intimate than years past, we refuse to cancel the celebrations. Oh, and pie. We can’t cancel pie.

But with all the yummy dinners and delicious desserts comes some pretty serious stomach woes. Whether you plan on stuffing that other hole of yours or not, the holiday that is all about feasting can create a bit of a famine in the bathroom AND the bedroom. So this year, take two simple steps that will alleviate a clog in the gravy train and leave your tummy and your tush feeling grateful.

We know that you may not have had much action leading up to the holidays, so taking your daily dose of Pure might not have been top… or bottom…. of mind. But even if you have closed shop for the sake of social distancing, our proprietary blend can do so much more than just help you stay ready. So, when you can, get back on your Pure regimen and start pounding the water.

Not only does our fiber supplement help you discover the joys of a ghost wipe, it will help keep you satiated and help you avoid the pains of over eating at the dinner table. Truly, there are hardly words to describe the incredible benefits that hydration and fiber can deliver on a day that is dedicated to indulgence.

This year has certainly been a doozy, so from our table to yours, we hope you have the most delicious holiday yet!

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