Face Care Routines for Men with Normal to Oily Skin

11.11.2021 - Health & Hygiene

You’ve tried everything. You’ve rinsed, scrubbed, lasered, sold your soul, poked, and bought almost every sponsored Instagram product. But your skin is STILL oily!

Men have been bestowed with many gifts, both big and small, but oily skin is not one of them. Thankfully, with the right face care routine and a teeny bit of patience, your skin can finally feel and look fresh!

Whether your skin is occasionally or consistently oily, these tips and products will help you shrink pores while maybe helping to expand another type of hole! 

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What Is Oily Skin?

Your genes, hygiene, and age play a role in how much oil your skin produces and shows. Oily skin is caused by an abundance of sebum made by your glands, leading to a shiny appearance. This moisture can protect your face from dryness and possibly aging, but too much can cause acne, a greasy appearance, and discomfort.

How Do You Know if You Have Oily Skin?

Oily skin isn’t a bad thing or a moral consequence of missing your morning fiber capsules, it’s simply a part of being human.

To identify if you are experiencing oily skin, evaluate whether you have noticeable pores, a greasy face texture, and a history of acne. The goal here isn’t to read yourself, but to be honest so you know what steps to take next.

So if your T-Zone has been shiny and your pores clogged then you may have oily skin, but thankfully, it is treatable!

Oily skin...it's simply a part of being human.

How to Treat Oily Skin

You didn’t get oily skin overnight, so repairing it is going to take consistency and time.

For normal to oily skin, your face care routine should include daily cleansing and regular exfoliating. But while abundance can be fun, too much washing and exfoliating can make your skin dry or even more oily, so use moderation!

Moisturizing is also essential for oily skin, though you may not believe it at first. After washing your face, apply a moisturizer designed for oily skin. You get bonus points if the moisturizer can tone your face too!

Lastly, applying a gentle facial mist to finish your routine, or as a quick refresher, can help reduce oil and pore appearance.

How Pure for Men Can Help 

Pure for Men supplements, bath bombs, and wipes are just a few components of staying ready for him. But to stay ready for YOU, our new Normal to Oily Skin face care bundle has everything you need to keep your face ready!

The bundle includes a cleanser with jojoba beads for exfoliation and select skin acids to moisturize the skin and help stop breakouts. The new sage & eucalyptus moisturizer can also exfoliate with watercress extract and boost skin elasticity with Vitamin A. To top it off, our facial mist uses natural ingredients, such as horsetail extract and coltsfoot extract, to soothe the skin without irritating it with alcohol.

These work together to help your face face anything…or anyone!

Stay Ready, Not Oily

Oily skin is not the end of the world or anything to be ashamed about. It’s how your body was made and our products work with your skin, not against it!

From fiber supplements to face care products, Pure for Men has your back (and face). Try our new cleanser or mist so that other parts of you can shine from the workroom to the bedroom!

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Face Care Collection 

Feel and look your best with our plant-based men’s skincare products made for all skin types.


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