Fabian's Top (Or Bottom) Holiday Picks

11.30.2021 - Pure Lifestyle

We’ve all been there before.

The frantic scrambling to get a gift for your Aunt Barbara or the rifling through your cabinet for your last-minute Secret Santa gift.

The holiday season can definitely be stressful, but Pure for Men is here to make it easier with personal care gifts appropriate for everything from the office holiday party to the annual family dinner.

The holiday season can definitely be stressful, but Pure for Men is here to make it easier...

And if you still can’t decide between our fiber capsules or bath bombs, one of our founders, Fabian, has your back(side) with the ultimate gift giving guide for everyone in your life!

Sex-Care Gifts for Your Special Someone(s)

For more intimate gifts, Fabian recommends either our 6 for $60 Fiber Bundle or our other Holiday Bundle for those who like variety.

The 6 for $60 Fiber Bundle is not only a great deal with six 60 count Pure for Men fiber bottles for $60, but you can choose to either give all 6 to one best friend or give 1 bottle to 6 acquaintances. We don’t judge how you gift since we know they’ll see the value of our fiber capsules themselves!

For your loved ones who like a little bit of everything, try gifting our Holiday Bundle filled with our dietary fiber capsules, Wipes, Bum Balm, and signature Mood candle. This is perfect for your partner or if you’re trying to make up for last year’s Secret Santa!

Self-Care Gifts for Your Platonic Friends and Family

For your stressed-out cousins or your self-care focused friends, Fabian recommends our Bath Bomb 3-Pack to fizzle away any drama from the year or to maybe spark a different kind of relationship!

For your boyfriend or the cute neighbor in your building, try gifting one of our face care kits. Our Face Care Kit: Normal to Dry is perfect for your loved ones in colder climates or your jealous brother-in-law who envies your smooth complexion.

For your friends with oily skin or those new to face care, Pure for Men’s Face Care Kit: Normal to Oily is a great gift or ice breaker for conversations (or something else a little more physical)!

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Gifts for Anyone in Your Life

Fabian’s final holiday picks are a Pure for Men Gift Card or Gift Bag for your twice removed cousin or indecisive relative.

From $5 to $100, our Gift Card makes a thoughtful gift for your partners, friends, or even ex-boyfriends. You can also use our reusable Gift Bag to package any additional gifts while adding some Stay Ready gear to your loved one’s collection!

Stay Ready for Holiday Gifting

While we can’t help you Stay Ready for absolutely everything, Fabian and Pure for Men have all you need from sex care to family care this gifting season!

And if you ever need to gift yourself something more personal, we’ll always have your back(side) with our Bum Balm and Fiber Powder!

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Stay 100% with our proprietary blend of essential nutrients for digestive and total body wellness.


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