Be Your Best Ho Ho Ho

12.07.2021 - Pure Lifestyle

This time of year, we all love indulging in hot goods and hanging around those on the naughty list!

To some, this means eating fresh-baked cookies and spending time with our lovely in-laws. But to others, this means passing around the mistletoe and climbing down a few chimneys.

And there is NOTHING wrong with that! Sex is an essential part of self-care no matter if you do it occasionally or more often than Samantha on Sex and the City! 

Sex is an essential part of self-care...

We support all types of sexual health and we’re here to give you some tips for any end-of-year package deliveries!

Sweep Your Chimney

Whether you’re sexually active a few times a week or a few times a month, a little hygiene goes a long way so you don’t stay sweaty after getting sweaty!

You’ll want to shower regularly using a refreshing product like our Body Scrub or our Body Bar. And for extra holiday cheer, apply any moisturizing products to smell and feel your best like our Bum Balm or our Face Care Kits.

If you’re in a difficult jam and don’t have much time before or after getting on a sleigh, use our all-purpose Wipes from head to toe to freshen up for your holiday visitors!

Have a Clear Path for Sleighs

For added confidence, have a clear chimney or landing path for the unexpected nighttime visitor.

Douching may work for short-term use, but if you’re looking to Stay Ready in the long term, try adding some fiber to your milk and cookies.

Pure for Men offers this in either a fiber capsule or fiber powder format for convenient consumption to regulate your digestive system and keep your bottom ready!

For even more peace of mind (and bottom), our bidet will help you maintain a clean bottom for endless caroling and gift-receiving!

men's daily fiber supplement

Keep the Elves Safe

There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving sex and being promiscuous, but it’s important to stay safe while doing it.

This means using condoms for STI protection, anal lube for tearing minimization, regular STI tests, and any PrEP medications.

As long as you’re safe and everything is consensual, go ahead and unwrap as many presents as you want!

Stay Festive, Stay Ready

Whether you’re shopping for tinsel or bottoming supplements, Pure for Men is here to keep you ready to stuff stockings all year long.

Our hygiene products and dietary fiber capsules can be used by any man no matter if they check their naughty list once or thrice a month.

See for yourself how nice our products can be for naughty times!

digestive supplement for men


Stay 100% with our proprietary blend of essential nutrients for digestive and total body wellness.


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Reset AND Stay Ready With Pure for Men

Our new Reset isn’t replacing our beloved and sacred Fiber supplements, but they will help you recover from holiday feasts or even get you ready for Pride in June.

To see for yourself, be sure to pick them up the next time you get your Fiber fix or replenish your Multivitamins.