A Guide to Docuhing

06.29.2021 - Health & Hygiene

A Guide To Douching, and Is There a Better Alternative?

It's not a secret that poop exits from your bottom. But many people who engage in anal play worry that their partner will think that their butt hole is "icky" and want to make sure they are super clean. To be clear, douching is the practice of flushing your rectum with water to provide a deeper clean. And while douching can be preferential, changing your diet can also help with your sexual health (and may be better in the long run). At Pure For Men, a company dedicated to creating natural and holistic products for men's hygiene and wellness, we have developed this guide to provide everything you need to know about douching, and what other alternatives you can include for better sexual health. So, let's get started on how to prepare your bottom for bottoming! And is douching really necessary?

If you think douching will help you keep your butt clean for sex, here is what you should know:

How to Use a Douche

You've done all the prep, and now the big moment is here. There are two ways to douche; you can either do it in the shower or over the toilet. Stand with one leg up on the toilet, the side of the tub, or a shower bench. You did the lube, right? Slowly and gently insert the nozzle into your rectum and squeeze the bottle, bag, or bulb to squirt the liquid slowly. Hold the liquid inside for a few seconds and then let it out into the toilet or shower. You can repeat this a few times until the liquid runs clear.

How Often Can You Douche?

Even if you have the right water, temperature, and equipment, you can overdo it. Over-douching can damage the lining of your butt, throw off the balance of electrolytes, and disrupt your body's natural elimination pattern. You shouldn't douche more than two to three times a week.

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Is Douching Good for You? 

You really don't need to douche to enjoy safe anal play, but if doing it makes you feel more comfortable, and helps you relax to focus on pleasure, then go for it, but keep it to a minimum. However, if you have hemorrhoids or anal fissures, anal douching is not a good idea. Inserting a douche nozzle when you have either of these conditions is more likely to cause injury and pain. Again, it's been suggested that anal douching can increase the risk of HIV and other STIs due to ingredients and the possibility of tears in the rectum. So think in moderation! 

Don't Have Sex Immediately

Give your butt a little time to make sure all of the liquid comes out before having sex. While most of the water will come out right away after douching, stay close to the bathroom for about an hour to expel any remaining liquid. 

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If you don’t want to put yourself at risk by douching, here is what else you can do:

Other Ways to Stay Clean and Stay Ready

Douching is time-consuming and can come with risks (such as irritation). Staying clean and ready doesn't mean you have to douche for sex. There are other ways you can show your booty hole some love, including a diet high in fiber, fiber supplements, and wipes. Fiber supplements will keep things moving so you don't have a stool build-up in your colon, and wipes can keep you fresh and clean. 

Fiber Supplements and Wipes

Fiber supplements are a great way to keep your colon healthy. Pure For Men has a fiber supplement that is an all-natural, proprietary blend so that you can bottom with confidence. They are also great for weight management, heart health and can even help prevent hangovers. Pure For Men wipes will keep you clean and feeling fresh and eliminate odor. Our wipes are infused with vitamin e, micellar, and aloe vera, and they are eco-responsible. By taking fiber supplements and using wipes, you won’t have to douche at all or as much. This is a much more convenient option if you’re still looking to keep your butt clean, without it being time-consuming.

Don’t Use Laxatives

It’s also important to note that laxatives shouldn’t be used to clean your colon. Unless you need laxatives to treat constipation, don’t use laxatives as a way to prepare for anal sex. Laxatives irritate the lining of your intestines, and they’ll give you abdominal cramping which can end up ruining sex. Also, they might just end up forcing more poop out that wouldn’t have come out otherwise.

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 Let Pure For Men Help You Stay Clean and Stay Ready!

The bottom line: douching for anal sex is a personal preference and is not essential for sex. There are other alternatives that will leave you feeling confident and ready for anal sex. Learn more about how Pure For Men's wellness and hygiene products will have you and your partner loving your booty hole!